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Voting panel have closed @ 12AM March 9, 2010, GMT+8. Below are the finalized results for the contest.


The Fabulous & Extravagant Award goes to...
:iconplatypusmeetswalrus: with AkuZeku!!!!

Prizes won:
• 6-months subscription from Akarui-Siren
• Featured in CloakedSchemer06 Journal
• Prized artwork displayed on AkuZeku Group Icon
• Prized artwork displayed on Featured
• Full set of Org XIII Chine Zodiac Stickers Collection from Akarui-Siren


The Prodigious & Impressive Award goes to...
:iconssceles: with AkuZeku Heaven and Hearts!!!

Prizes won:
• Prized artwork displayed on Featured
• Featured in CloakedSchemer06 Journal
• Full set of Org XIII Chine Zodiac Stickers Collection from Akarui-Siren


The Sterling & Admirable Award goes to...
:iconblazing-eyes: with Memory Days!!!

Prizes won:
• Featured in CloakedSchemer06 Journal
• A4 hard copy of artwork request from Akarui-Siren
• Full set of Org XIII Chine Zodiac Stickers Collection from Akarui-Siren


Finally The Delightful & Gratifying Awards goes to...
:iconemilogan: with Summer or Winter AkuZeku
:iconfanfiction-fanatic: with AkuZeku Heaven
:iconvelxspirit: with AkuZeku Heaven

(Note: This list is arranged via usernames in alphabetical order)

Prizes won:
TWO choices of preferred Org XIII Chine Zodiac Stickers from Akarui-Siren


Some of the judges comments

I'm having a fun time... grading. And prolly the most stingy judge here... =X (The next day I'll be bricked to death) But nevertheless, everyone did a good job in their entries in their own ways. Better works to be seen from you into the group gallery! ^_~

Thanks to all the participants who participated, some of you have done very well ! Personally, there's none I hate.... really ! Although some could use some improvement but, hang in there ! >w< Well I hope all of you would do better next time :) (If there is a next time !)

Sam How (friend)
I must say that all of you have done a great job in your entries~ Though not all are perfect, but I can see that there is effort put into the entries. In fact, I like all of the entries. Each of the entries have their own unique ideas, and it's fun getting to see and grade different ideas and styles from different people. So, don't be dismayed if you aren't chosen as a winner. Improve on any weaknesses, and try again next time. Good luck to all contestants !


Some of the contestants had a close call in winning, but everyone is still a winner here!! For the six contestants, I will NOTE you about the prizes, with overall comments given from the judges.

There is also an optional choice :- A full report on judges gradings on individual artworks. Unless you are brave enough, I reckon you want to read it. x'D

Below is a sample of a full report on how we grade an individual artwork.

If you want the full report, Note me. (It hurts.)

Artwork by Forbidden-Siren
Title: AkuZeku - A Break Up
Judge: Annoynomous

Creativity (27/30)
The picture captured the meaning of the theme very deeply, it created a sense of story and meaning behind every action. The layout of the picture is also done quite nicely, so long it fulfills the golden-angle. Liked how the characters are dressed to 'play their part' right and fulfilling the 'story' that set, although not much could be said about the costume that was picked but the blue & red shirt dropped a really nice hint to the theme.

Entertainment (13/20)
The picture is quite interesting to look at. Apart from the setting of the picture which relates to the theme, the coloring style is similar to that of a traditional water-color media. The picture itself made me curious as to why Zexion was crying and Axel was staring off into the distance. There was quite some detail being put into the background which also caught my eye.

Presentation (14/30)
Truly like how the 'meaning' of the theme was transferred into a single drawing, the composition of the drawing also seemed to blend quite nicely. How the character represent the theme itself was quite nicely portrayed, the only thing in which I was quite disappointed will actually be the stack of drawings on the left itself. (The theme which made it good, is also the flaw).

The character and door looks as if it's presented in the same dimension, it lack depth. The door itself looked flat too, I had quite a hard time telling how the characters was placed whether they were actually back-to-back on the door or were they all in a different area but having a prop to separate the characters.

Skills (12/20)
I really like the background, the water-color feel to it is quite nicely done and it adds a nice touch to the picture and theme. Like how the folds of the clothing was done. The foreground of the picture however requires a little more work to it.

Regardless of how many times I see, I still see Zexion's expression to be quite comical. The situation however don't look to be. The lineart also destroyed the drawing, probably you could try working without the lineart and using more lighting/shading to define the character. The light & shadow used on Axel was pretty well done, though I would like to say the same for Zexion, I can't. In the desc. Zexion was supposed to be sitting in front of a T.V and weeping, so light from the TV should be 'overpowering' the scene, casting a heavier light & shadow play. The light & shadow used for Zexion however didn't look like it. The characters also looked to be cropped from some other image rather than to be part of the background, it's probably the lineart which was messy.

Overall (66/100)
Overall, if I would given a chance to re-think who should deserve my number 1 slot among the other contestants, I'd say I'll choose this one. Mainly because the background and the entire 'story' of the picture captured my dire attention. They usually say "A picture is worth a thousand words", I say "Sir ! You got that right ! This picture is truly worth a thousand words ! Or maybe more !".