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AkuZeku Doujin & FanFic Chain - "What Happen Next?"

There are two Sections :-
1) AkuZeku Doujin/Comic
2) AkuZeku Fan Fiction

You can choose to commit yourself to both sections, or one. Please drop a Note or comment here if you are interested.

Senior Contributors are members that have greatly contributed pages into the collaboration. They are entrusted as steady contributors in following up with the story. They will have more opportunities in contributing their pages, literately they are allowed to cut the queue line.

Fledglings are new/old members added to the team that have yet to submit a page. They will run the line in the Collaboration but Senior Contributors will step in (cut queue) after every one fledgling's turn.

Fledglings will be promoted to Senior Contributors if we find you a dedicate contributor to our Group! Ganbatte ne young ones!

AkuZeku Doujin/Comic Participants

Senior Contributors :
1) :iconpunkanimelover: 2) :iconblazing-eyes: 3) :iconmyunna-sama: 4) :iconyurushion: 5) :iconokaminoriley:
6) :iconaeleusienzo: 7) :icondreamingofanightmare: 8) :iconforbidden-siren:

Fledglings :
Awaiting (Note) replies: :iconseething-repentance:

AkuZeku Fan Fiction Participants

Senior Contributors :
1) :iconfirewolf013: 2) :iconokaminoriley: 3) :iconcloakedschemer06: 4) :iconakarui-siren:

Awaiting (Note) replies: :iconjewelkat: :iconlysoke: :iconxxfallenxonexx:

Fledglings :
1) :iconkonantheangel:

Awaiting (Note) replies: :iconselenemoonstorm: :icontransverse-universe: :iconemilogan: :iconseething-repentance:

• You will be notified via Note when it is your turn.
• You are limited to submit at least 1 page within 3 days.
• Maximum is up to 1 week for a page and no more.
• 1-week grace period are required to seek permission from us.
• For co-fanfic, "1 page" must have at least 500 word count.
• Avoid vulgarities or mature contents. Some participants are not be able to view them.

• Please notify us if you are working more than 1 page so that we will wait for more entries from you.
• If you are doing 2 pages, you are given 6 days grace.
• But rules will still applies with submission of 1 page within 3 days.

Fail to reply our Note within 2 days, or fail to submit at least one page within 3 days (unless permitted to be given a week), we will automatically skip your turn.

This new rules are implemented so that other participants need not wait for months before their turns. And we will not accept anymore common excuses for an extension of time and receive no submissions cos we need to consider other people waiting in-line.

If all players were to drag their time for 2~3 weeks and there are 12 of us, the last person will have to wait 24~36 weeks later, which is 6 months to 9 months before their turn. And it is even more unfair when there are no pages updated after so many months.

So may I have your kind understanding to contribute into this Group and make our co-doujin and co-fanfic a success. Thanks much!


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